About Laurie

Energy level is still up. I am so glad I met you. I think you have a real gift.

- Deborah

From a young age, I aspired to support wellness in others. After graduating with a bachelor’s in Kinesiology, I began searching for a means to provide that support. It was then that I stumbled upon osteopathic manual therapy. Through five years of hands-on training and two years of research at the Canadian School of Osteopathic Manual Practice, I learned to encourage resonance and well-being in the human body. My education also taught me to “dig on” and steadily continue this learning process.

Now as a healer, I look for harmony and aim to inspire heart connection. I enjoy witnessing the unfolding of life’s journey while continuously exploring. I am a seeker, looking for vitality in my own life and in the lives of others. Osteopathic manual therapy is a map I use in that pursuit.




“The Healthy Path is convenientlly located in the Killarney area of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.”

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