About The Healthy Path

Clearly at least some of us think you’re a miracle healer, so I’m pretty keen to recommend you to others when they’re complaining about their body.

- Bryce

The body is a brilliant organism, comprised of hundreds of individual parts working together to create many complex systems that sustain life. In order for people to feel vibrant and healthy each system needs to be in balance with all of the others.

The goal of treatment at The Healthy Path is to discover and remove strain from various tissues that may be preventing systems from working at optimal levels. Once the strain has been removed, a natural harmony is created between all the body’s life-giving mechanisms.

The Healthy Path is located in an integrative clinic, allowing a multidimensional look at a patient’s concerns. Other therapies offered in the clinic include acupuncture and massage. The warm, peaceful environment offers the perfect space for healing to occur.



“The Healthy Path is convenientlly located in the Killarney area of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.”

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